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रोजी प्रकाशित केले 25 ऑगस्ट, 2020
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  • Watch the complete video and you will get 5 strong life lessons. I wish you all the best for your life. Don't fall into false rumours ❤️ Lessons- 1. You may earn lots of wealth, but for the name, you will have to work every day. 2. The higher you reach, the more people will jump to pull you down. 3. Nobody apart from you and your family will sacrifice for your life. 4. Never give too much control of your life to anyone, they will hurt you from inside. (Marne walla apna hoga aur pyar se marega) 5. Be so positive and energetic even your enemy gets inspired by you.

    • Brother to be honest you'er inspiration for me truly ❤️

    • I stand with you dada❤️

    • @PRATHAMESH CHAVAN Jo bhi Aman bhaiya ke portrait dekna chahte hai mere channel visit karke

    • Sir apne rula diya love you support you

    • Thanks you so much bhaiya 😊

  • Sahi bola aapke papa ne

  • ♦♥♦

  • bhaiya vaise aap sadi kab kar rahe ho aab kar bhi lo

  • Sir aap bahut acche hain

  • He is giving free education through you tube and others are charging for the same...we should support him from deep heart....

  • He is giving free education through you tube and others are charging for the same...we should support him from deep heart....

  • kitne bar kahu sir aap best ho bolte bolte thak jaunga par kam hai

  • sir you are best ,great and mindblowing

  • scam ho gya, the big bull dekhne ke baad bhi aman bhaiya ki hi yaad aayi 🤣🤣pta ni kyon

  • Hy aman, I don't see your education videos but I love your mindset. But here I want to say that "Where focus goes energy flows". Never focus on 13% people. Do your work how you was doing. I don't know if you will see my comment or not. But be thankful for other big amounts of people, those who love your content.

  • 18:07

  • Love from Pakistan ❤️

  • Sir I am with u

  • sir we stand with you. you are tryng to change the system and you will do it. we are with you sir.

  • No Matter What Anybody Tells You Words And Ideas Can Change The World

  • ye dislike krrny waly duusri duniya s aye hi .

  • Bhaiya bura mat mano 2percent bande aapke khilaf hai to 98 percent aapke sath hai 😇

  • Kya aap uncdmy pe ho?

  • Bhai mane ye apki video aj dekhi & I will always support you......👍

  • 3:52 sharukh Khan ka aavaj nikala bhai ne😂😂

  • more power to you love you

  • Take Love😍😍....made me emotional😊

  • 🔥Janab🔥

  • Full support

  • Hii

  • My respect for you ❤️

  • Love u bhaiya ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ek dam sahi kaha sir apne logo k kaam hi hai kehna kuch karo tho v kahenge na kare tho v kahenge 😂love from Northeast👍

  • 18:05 epic

  • This guy litrally recorded it at 3:00 pm. 🙌🙌 salute

  • When he started writing I already knew what he is going to make a mistake,I have seen this is a meme 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I am your supporter

  • You are my inspiration ❤️

  • You are my inspiration ❤️

  • Sir m aapki videos abhi kuch Dino se he dekhne shuru ki h... Abhi tk koi esa ni Mila jise m apni inspiration manu... But sir jb se aapki video dekhe I can say that you are my inspiration....... Or sir ab ye m full confidence se bol skti hun k kbhi bhi koi aapki video 1st tym dekhe vo aapko apni inspiration manega sry sir bhot bda likh lia but meko ni lgta k kisi ki vjh se aapko kuch frk pdna chaheye Sorry sirr and thnkuu sirrrr...... Thnkuu sirrrr bhot bdaaa vala....😊MRslow 1st comment h sir ye.... M aapki bhot zaada izzt krti Hun sir thnku so much sir

  • Full spoot

  • 2:01 bhaiya app kisike bare me baat kar rahe ho

    • Anuj bhaiya

  • 👍🙏🏻❤️

  • you are very good person but sometimes one can be 99% right but 1% wrong and as you said earlier 1% jo galat hai to log usko pakad ke baith jayege to bss aap sahi hai max of the time possibly har bar... love from bihar


  • We are always with bhaiya ji 🙏

  • After listening Aman me watching full ads

  • Sir hyper Ho Gaye😅😅😅😅 Der lgne lga sir..... ignore them sir

  • Their are stil people disliking the video😶

  • I'm very angry with those 5.9k people who dislike this vdio😡

  • Aman, you did nothing wrong! The way you inspire us is unexpressable. Your educational content, honest talks, seminars, everything is above excellence. I ll support you always!

  • Your amazing sir I stand by side you sir you doing best work for us thank you so much sir thank you very very much

  • Sahi h🙏

  • 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  • Love u bro

  • I stand with you bro

  • You are great sir ❤❤❤

  • These people can't see you touch the sky sir... Ignore these losers sir we stand with you and we are always with you.....

  • Who could dare to defame such an amazing man yrr! Are those people mad or what?!

  • AMAN BRO, LOVE and SUPPORT, also an ADVICE (lambi h but must-read). It's better to Join the So-called Coaching Mafia as people will keep crying even for Ads, I use MRslow Premium so not facing ads vala issue personally but If people cannot appreciate FREE CONTENT , they DON'T DESERVE it so It's better U THINK ABOUT URSELF and Use your potential for earning for yourself!

  • Keep it Aman we are with u

  • I always with you Aman bhaiya ❤️❤️

  • thank you sir

  • ❣️❣️❣️

  • Aman bhaiya..hum apke saath are the best

  • I also stand with you sir

  • Me too

  • Haters ki to jalegi unka kaam hi hai jalnaa aur hate felaana apneko gh*nta farak nahi padhta aman bhai

  • Nice aman sir

  • Mere support hamesha apke saath hai 👍💯

  • Loog tumhe nichhe girayege bas tum pheeche mttt hatna

  • I love you Aman bhai 👍👍👍👍

  • Support you

  • Firse 2% ki jalne lagi 🔥, 😉 we are with you 💯

  • is that person is shwetabh gangwar

    • Shwetabh gangwar to sach me chutiya hai

  • these 5.9k people are the shit over h.ere...........bhoj hn darti pe yeh

  • Lgta h thumbnail so kr uthne ke baad bnwai h 🤣🤣 xd

  • aman sir, you don't need to explain anything....we are always with u. ignore haters-as u always say haters is always there no matter what u do.......learned a lot today about reality of life..........god bless u....❣

  • Nice talk

  • Aman vaia... Don't worry honest people have to get like that triable...

  • Love from Pakistan

  • Thanks 😊 Aman bhaiya .......ur a life saver of youth ..........I always look forward to ur vedio 🥰 I have learned so much from ur vedios .......n I thank u 🙏 for in courage ing me A fan of u 😊🤗🤗...... When ever I feel demotivated u have always raised my spirit s

  • U ar the bst

  • you are the best Aman sir. keep going

  • You r a hero bhaiya m commerce student hu fir bhi aapka video dekhti hu jo ki mujhe bhut jyada inspire krti hu aapka video dekh k m chargeup ho jati hu keep it up bhaiya ☺😊

  • 👍👍👍

  • very nice Dear Aman bhaiya, you are absolutely right..

  • Bhaiya first time I saw someone who is real and yes you gave me a very good lesson about ads that they aren't meant for being angry.... ❤ I understand you and I am damn motivated now.... ❤

  • Ending is mind blowing

  • I support you bhaiya

  • "Janab" is a feeling ❤️

  • You talk like heros.... I think you should try in movies also... Ye comment nahi compliment hai...

  • I life hai brother life iske rang bahut se hai,##1,,,,,9

  • Thanks bhaiya 7 ka table revise ho gaya kal JEE hai

  • However strongly he made the video, there were places he was breaking down🥺why do people wanna do such to him 😭

    • I could literally see it in his eyes People are idiots

  • No matter what, we stand with you Aman bhaii. Compared to all those negative people, we, who stand by you are much more. Stay strong bhaii. You are one of my inspiration to contribute to the people. 💗 No such things hit me, but seeing people doing such things against you when you are so selflessly helping us. 🥺

  • We Support You Sir ❤️❤️🥰🥰

  • Aman Bhai You are personally shrest youth of India.

  • Baba, aesa hota hai to aur majbut hona hota hai. Actually I can't say much but it's like so much of painful words I think it's your voice impact. Well I am that person who asked you about filling your IT return only in one video 😁

  • you're great❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sir i have cracked nqt of Tcs of seeing your videos of apna college. Thank you very much.

  • Titu Mama:--- Tatti ko baha do Chunautiyo ne nipat lo aur Chutiyo se door khisak lo Wo chutiye hai unhe ignore karna hi better hai. Love you Aman Bhaiya.

  • I m with u dear sir ❤

  • We are with you