AUKAT - Honest Talk | How to become Financially Independent in early 20's ? 5 Hour+ LIVE Session

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 29 जानेवारी, 2021
(The recorded seminar will also be made available on the same link.)
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  • Thank you for watching, I hope I am able to share some value via this seminar. I will be sharing step by step process of my journey to become Financial Independent. We will be discussing Soft Assets, Real Estate, Stock Market, RoadMap to 8 Figure Bank Balance in your 20's. Love you all 3000 ❤️

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    • Aman bhayya I'm a current first year student Lack of preparation knowledge getting fear of semester exams. I'm feeling like why I took course where there is no book like ncert for engineering.

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  • How many attempts do I have for the JEE Advanced if I didn't take the 12th exam (2019-20) and JEE Mains and Advanced due to Disease and I took admission in 12th class exam (2020-21)?

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  • Our education system teaches us how to be a servant not a owner. Instead of becoming a big servant be a small boss.

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  • Sir, My current placement as a fresher is in one of the Big 4. The Salary is roughly 5 LPA. You have talked about how people with 20LPA jobs should keep their jobs till they don't achieve a sustainable income from one of their side Funnels, but my being 5 LPA what do you suggest. Should I do the job(starting from July 2021) Or should I invest my time and energy in developing side funnels and continue developing them without joining the job. Your Answer to this will be greatly appreciated Sir.

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  • Aman bhayya I'm a current first year student Lack of preparation knowledge getting fear of semester exams. I'm feeling like why I took course where there is no book like ncert for engineering.

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  • How to see seminar? Download unacademy and go to free classes section. Then search aman dhattarwal and you will find his seminar. Beleave me or not but this seminar is amazing and can teach you alot.

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